Why We Are Different.

What to expect from Vertex PT Specialists

Our physical therapists are experts in movement and manual therapy who treat patients of all ages with health-related conditions to reduce pain and improve or restore mobility.

As doctors of physical therapy, we implement the most up-to-date treatment methods to not only get back to pre-injury levels, but to come back better than before. Backed by experience, our goal is to partner with you to deliver one-on-one, professional, world-class care.


Vertex PT Specialists works with athletes of all backgrounds. Partnered with Athlete’s Arena, Columbia’s original sports performance experts; we are the most experienced and qualified team to meet any athlete’s needs.


Our philosophy is simple; we deliver the best and most comprehensive care that is second to none. Our mission is to partner with you to be your neuromusculoskeletal expert for everything from sprains and strains to PR’ing your Olympic Lifts. We blend of the latest available evidence with years of practical experience to get you better, faster.

There are no guarantees in life. You may win, you may lose. But to find out, you must make the walk.

  • Doctors of Physical Therapy

  • One-on-One Care

  • No pawning off or passing around patients to aides, or techs