What is Vertex Run Club?

Vertex Run Club is made for all runners. Whether you are a local 5k racer, an experienced marathon runner, or someone who is looking to start running, we have exactly what you need to better your performance.

There are two levels of membership for run club, Vertex run club standard and Vertex run club premium. In both memberships you will receive an initial consultation with our head run coach Jessa Wigington. This consultation will consist of Jessa gathering your running history, injury history, and your running goals. This will help determine what level of membership and what running program would suit you best to achieve your goals. All members will then receive access to one of our two general running programs written by Jessa and our strength training program written by coach Adam Bilodeau. The strength training program will be made for runners who have access to limited equipment. All that should be needed to complete this will be mini bands, looped bands, dumbbells, and a solid surface to step up on.

Members will also receive access to seminars hosted by our coaches and the Vertex Recovery room which will consist of compression boots, compression suit for the back, foam rollers, theraguns, protein bars and sport/energy drinks. Each week members will receive a weekly e-mail describing the purpose of the running program for the coming week and/or a check-in with Jessa through “training peaks” to make sure the programming is going well for you. Lastly, both membership levels will receive a discount on Nutrition services with our Coach Kristin Drafts and a VERTEX RUN CLUN RACE DAY SINGLET!!!

What makes the Vertex run club Premium membership different from the standard is individualization. This means you will not receive the standard run programming given in VRC standard, you will receive a personalized run program specific to your goals and include progressions to peak at the right time for races that YOU want to race in. You will also receive access to the Vertex gym at any time during normal business hours. In addition, Coach Jessa will have weekly phone call/zoom calls to address any needs or questions you may have.

Lastly, race day fueling, and race pacing can be difficult to determine at times, but with this Premium membership Jessa will be offering advice and testing strategies with you prior to race day, so when race day comes you will be all set to perform at your best!

If you have any further questions or wish to learn more please email Jessa at: jessa.w@vertexpt.com