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Elevate Your Athletic Performance with Activeforce 2 Screening

Do you want to take your performance to the next level!?

Are you an athlete or parent of an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level? Or have you had a nagging shoulder/hip/knee/etc pain that carries over season to season? Then this athlete screening is for you! We use a device called “Activeforce 2” that measures the peak force produced during specific muscle contractions through different ranges of motion.

We screen the entire body from neck down to ankle and everything in between. Once we gather all the data from the screen we look at the percentage differences of strength on left vs. right sides and front vs. back sided muscles to create a home exercise program for you to get stronger and correct any imbalances.

This home exercise program will give exact reps, sets, and how many days a week to perform. It will also include YouTube video demonstrations by our own strength and conditioning coach, Adam Bilodeau. 

To sign-up for a screen, please call our Vertex Cayce office at (803) 973-0100 to get on Adam’s schedule to take YOUR performance to the next level.

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