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Fittest Physio 2023: Event 2 Movement Standards

It’s time for Week 2! Like last week, this week’s workout has 2 scores. Get your running shoes ready!

Part A: 4 rounds

  • 400m run
  • :60 rest


Part B: (starting at the conclusion of the :60 rest after the last interval)

  • 1-mile run for time

*Score A is your slowest 400m interval from Part A.
**Score B is your time to complete the second mile.

For this week’s workout, a track is preferred. This will help with the “honor system” regarding distance. If you absolutely can’t make it to a track, consider doing it at your local CrossFit gym where they often have 400m marked off. If logistics will be a problem for you this week, please send me an email at josh@vertexpt.com.

Workout structure: For this workout, you will need a clock or a watch that will allow you to track your run times. It might be helpful to have pen and paper or a whiteboard where you can write down your times as you go, or use a watch to track the splits.

Keep track of your 400m interval times during Part A, as your score is your SLOWEST time of the 4 intervals. This prevents you from sprinting one of them all out and then ‘dogging’ the rest. The rest time between each interval is 1 minute, including after the last interval before starting Part B.

After interval number 4, take the 1-minute rest and then start Part B. For this part, you are running a mile straight through, and your score is your time to complete the mile.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at josh@vertexpt.com. See you on the track!

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